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Joy is yours, criticism theirs.


Holla, you are rocking with Da BEATNIK
pour another shot up, roll up and keep your sweet lit
sitting with my beat meditating over heat
scribe a vibe for the heads make a hit for the streets
punchlines like a c-note tapping the coke
swim time like Nemo then I'm stabbing her throat
get drunk and make a hit nigga bo rai cho
trying to keep an open mind like a five eyed ho
Oh, they love Black culture, hate Black people
I don't need ya vulture, I don't need ya eagle
the fire next time will show you we more regal
than having our leaders killed and waiting for a sequel
make ya paper off weed they lock you up then make it legal
the system you feed when ya privilege is never penal
not the one for dirty deeds i'll make a pussy nigga kegel
now tell me what you need is equity or being equal

Black boy don't let em take your joy
Black girl magic ain't they new toy
I, know we'll be ok
when I see a new day

Touch gloves to let me know you good
never hate a brother just for being from another hood
so concerned with color like an invisible man
dark skin light skin red or blue whats the plan
you can hold hands to get across that street
if they throw you under the bus did trust make you weak
they say if I don't cuss it'd be a lot more easier
I said you should look up the definition of lalochezia
Hey, I guess it's all ok
if you sipping d'usse without a stain on ya j's
get paid, what fuckboys always say
even Bill Cosby had an image that could hide his way
get laid, at where yo side chick stay
lying to ya baby mama on the phone bill she pay
I don't hate, I just see how dudes play
in my pursuit of happiness I ain't trying to go astray


So what happened miss thang they throwing salt on ya game
that instagram and snapchat ain't brought you no fame
homewrecking gold digging now you not the one to blame
oh it's so problematic when niggas call you out your name
no shame, no misogynoir, no foreign car
never too expensive or eurocentric to get involved
ass shots and extensions make em question ya loyalty
even when ya complexion more kindred to the color of royalty
it's all shine, you can be diamond or dime
it's a woman's prerogative to always change her mind
it's all time, I know you'll live through it
move for yourself not the ones who can't acknowledge how you do it
something so divine, deeper than an aesthetic
they might take what you make you'll always have the credit
skip that rewind, unless you diggin this track
might want to leave em in the past if they didn't have ya back



from Try, released May 16, 2017
Produced by Unusual Beats



all rights reserved


Da BEATNIK Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Just listen. . .

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