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Try, truthfully reinvent yourself to respite yearning toward reclusive yesteryears.


released May 16, 2017

Joy, No Drama Blvd, & Hello Produced by Unusual Beats
Waves Produced by CATØ



all rights reserved


Da BEATNIK Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Just listen. . .

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Track Name: Joy
Holla, you are rocking with Da BEATNIK
pour another shot up, roll up and keep your sweet lit
sitting with my beat meditating over heat
scribe a vibe for the heads make a hit for the streets
punchlines like a c-note tapping the coke
swim time like Nemo then I'm stabbing her throat
get drunk and make a hit nigga bo rai cho
trying to keep an open mind like a five eyed ho
Oh, they love Black culture, hate Black people
I don't need ya vulture, I don't need ya eagle
the fire next time will show you we more regal
than having our leaders killed and waiting for a sequel
make ya paper off weed they lock you up then make it legal
the system you feed when ya privilege is never penal
not the one for dirty deeds i'll make a pussy nigga kegel
now tell me what you need is equity or being equal

Black boy don't let em take your joy
Black girl magic ain't they new toy
I, know we'll be ok
when I see a new day

Touch gloves to let me know you good
never hate a brother just for being from another hood
so concerned with color like an invisible man
dark skin light skin red or blue whats the plan
you can hold hands to get across that street
if they throw you under the bus did trust make you weak
they say if I don't cuss it'd be a lot more easier
I said you should look up the definition of lalochezia
Hey, I guess it's all ok
if you sipping d'usse without a stain on ya j's
get paid, what fuckboys always say
even Bill Cosby had an image that could hide his way
get laid, at where yo side chick stay
lying to ya baby mama on the phone bill she pay
I don't hate, I just see how dudes play
in my pursuit of happiness I ain't trying to go astray


So what happened miss thang they throwing salt on ya game
that instagram and snapchat ain't brought you no fame
homewrecking gold digging now you not the one to blame
oh it's so problematic when niggas call you out your name
no shame, no misogynoir, no foreign car
never too expensive or eurocentric to get involved
ass shots and extensions make em question ya loyalty
even when ya complexion more kindred to the color of royalty
it's all shine, you can be diamond or dime
it's a woman's prerogative to always change her mind
it's all time, I know you'll live through it
move for yourself not the ones who can't acknowledge how you do it
something so divine, deeper than an aesthetic
they might take what you make you'll always have the credit
skip that rewind, unless you diggin this track
might want to leave em in the past if they didn't have ya back

Track Name: No Drama Blvd
I'll take the forty til I see the coast
good way to avoid everything I hate the most
paranoid of these ghosts, friends become apparitions
how could a lack of attention ever change the conditions
no looking back im on my mission, cold heart in ignition
false start from attrition, hallmark of decision
is knowing when to strike or going for the submission
they never listen too weak to speak they mind with sneak dissing
roll until my transmission burns a path in the road
dispatch from perdition take a match to these bridges
if I sound too cryptic I ain't trying to be revealing
too catalytic to convert for what they dealing
so addicted to hurt I guess the image more appealing
than developing the nerve to speak on how you feeling
actions speak louder than words and nigga I'm a killer
making sure I drive that point home so you'll remember

memory lane will only show me the same
in the fast track i never value my gain
taking easy street to avoid that load
until i drove to a fork in the road
fifth avenue or alley the choice aint hard
im going straight down no drama boulevard
no drama boulevard, im cruising down no drama boulevard

there ain't nothing like the open road
just me and my blunt my soundtrack I download
in fish bowl exposed hotboxing windows rolled
might catch a contact tailgating too close
keep my gauge off E, keep ya gaze off me
skip that road rage I can be the villain ya need
prerequisite to hit the next exit
catch up with my old friend she was my best chick
pass the J to her mama as I play with her sons
you seem way more calm in love what you've become
get that steering wheel in palm before I call her the one
I can hit the ten before dawn if I get a move on
sometimes we hate to move on, save face to be strong
chasing demons too long turns to chasing ya tail
if I learn a new trick I hope it's how not to fail
nothing wrong with switching gears to kick off a new trail


I just want to lucid dream holorime's
memorized by using my subconscious in real time
I feel fine even if these clouds don't break
really inclined to please too proud to take
fed up with going back like dead ends and cul de sacs
getting mileage out of sins I pretend I lack
still got beef with chevron that's an inside joke
ease my mind with panoramic views of the coast
cruising down rodeo wide-eyed like I'm a day old
can't afford a thing but I made the trip though
the recourse I bring of a dollar and a dream
is being enough of a fool to never run out of steam
chasing the cool of landmarks and Californication
make sure my headstone imparts ya man had patience
big enough to own up to loving people I hate
now there's equal to the peace I find in these waves
Track Name: Waves
Ain't nothing like a sunny day
even grown folks want to run and play
smoke up I hope it's legal in ya state
if not we gonna roll up and burn anyway
you might be chillin at the lake
backyard, bonfire, beach, or tailgate
people at the club real late
get downs, house parties, festivals, raves
we ain't living for a Friday we keep it lit all the time
might hit the highway to ease my mind
fam still on the east side, livin where the beast ride
throwing up peace signs half the time
cruising down a backroad, chillin on the back porch
pass another torch vibe to CATØ's beat
east coast, west coast, third coast, overseas
can I get a cosign if you flow with me?
she a cotton tail, not a cottonmouth
I'm just trying to knock the bottom out
gotta low end theory about them girls in the south
you don't know no fury until a good one put you out
don't need no Siri to help ya man with the route
homegirl if you hear me we can sweat and get loud
don't wanna see ya teary don't wanna make ya pout
just wanna take a minute to tell you

I like your wave, level up to cosine
you plus me, equals out a good time
come roll with me, I guarantee a smooth ride
get to know me, we can have a real vibe
I like your wave

Really not a dancing nigga, might pass for a handsome nigga
light the gas and they answer quicker
don't end no text wit bet, cuz I don't take chances wit ya
more like a sure thing, she sweet like a purity ring
might be a freak let her do her thing
whether sunscreen or computer screen it's yo wave it's yo scene

Ain't nothing like a summer night
with a cool breeze to make you feel alright
lil boys just want to fight
hush that noise you don't need to get a invite
vibrate to a newer height
that ain't yo friend don't sweat how she move
getting loose in the streetlight
bad chicks roll in packs I like how they groove
karma is credit just trying to get a cosine
feel ya wave with just a fourth of your time
might feel her curves before you know her angle
if I deserve a devil don't send me no angel
chillout now girl be wiser you can't pass yo breathalyzer
but I might mash right on that gas before po-po can hit that siren
hold up
sleep it off boo lets do brunch
you'll be in a better mood thats just my hunch
on my Devin The Dude girl you know I wantcha
ain't trying to be rude and I ain't gone hunt ya
you can change ya attitude you can change ya number
I can change my view won't lose no slumber
but it's yo vibe that lets me know ya humble
yo style and grace and

I like your wave, level up to cosine
you plus me, equals out a good time
come roll with me, I guarantee a smooth ride
get to know me, we can have a real vibe
I like your wave
Track Name: Hello
A fly cut like a shuriken
throw ya hands high if you feeling like it's pure again
chunk the deuce up my peace sign maneuvering
through all the manure when they think I'm not sure to win
foolish grins foolish men holla bout what they do again
ruined it boy didn't know what to do it with it when
should have took it to school with it put something new in it
keep it loose with it learn a new groove with it
who we kidding in the sky it was written from all sides
sick of going through phases and wading through rip tides
if it provides the escape I need I'll let it be
the sabotage was all just a mirage that's not me
there's a star behind all that smog ya can't see
you need more than dialogue if they won't believe
you hoping every boulevard leads straight to the beach
too scared to even wet your feet

live it up, give it up, speak up when you had enough
bad days, good days, just don't throw ya love away
let go, never go, hoping that we really know
love to hate, hate to love, feels good just to hear

confidence in the modern sense
we want Lexus and Prada fuck providence
with nothing to show for it except the experience
always go for it, if you spare no expense
resurrect my common sense and get my head on straight
take control of these events I can't bet on fate
they say the soul of your intent will never bare no weight
if what you depending on to win ain't based in your own faith
I see the wraith of your love like heat waves on the road
through each mile chasing what I already hold
your complete smile was an ideal goal
if you leave now, it won't heal you'll never know
sit still forever cold, won't kill you're never bold
revealing we'll never grow, a good feeling was never sold
I'm willing to let it go, it was glitter and never gold
I finish every episode and then you put on a show


134 to 40
the sun rises in the east and I'll be there shortly
feel like the road is my home but you could be out there stranded too
miss the days when I'd wonder if I could handle you
asking you questions like is smoke intangible
advantage of your view was vanishing too soon
we love a few, we fuck a few, and we damage em too
then what we manage to do, when the landing is smooth
is head to another crash like we're paid to lose
love is a losing game you'll never pay yo dues
back to betting on black just to say you chose
barely got your chips stacked but you ready to move
showing your gratitude with unsolicited nudes
then back on a pedestal when you switching ya mood
insisting we're through, and resisting it too
reminiscing over you with a clear rear view