No Drama Blvd

from by Da BEATNIK

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We don't run that fuck shit round here.


I'll take the forty til I see the coast
good way to avoid everything I hate the most
paranoid of these ghosts, friends become apparitions
how could a lack of attention ever change the conditions
no looking back im on my mission, cold heart in ignition
false start from attrition, hallmark of decision
is knowing when to strike or going for the submission
they never listen too weak to speak they mind with sneak dissing
roll until my transmission burns a path in the road
dispatch from perdition take a match to these bridges
if I sound too cryptic I ain't trying to be revealing
too catalytic to convert for what they dealing
so addicted to hurt I guess the image more appealing
than developing the nerve to speak on how you feeling
actions speak louder than words and nigga I'm a killer
making sure I drive that point home so you'll remember

memory lane will only show me the same
in the fast track i never value my gain
taking easy street to avoid that load
until i drove to a fork in the road
fifth avenue or alley the choice aint hard
im going straight down no drama boulevard
no drama boulevard, im cruising down no drama boulevard

there ain't nothing like the open road
just me and my blunt my soundtrack I download
in fish bowl exposed hotboxing windows rolled
might catch a contact tailgating too close
keep my gauge off E, keep ya gaze off me
skip that road rage I can be the villain ya need
prerequisite to hit the next exit
catch up with my old friend she was my best chick
pass the J to her mama as I play with her sons
you seem way more calm in love what you've become
get that steering wheel in palm before I call her the one
I can hit the ten before dawn if I get a move on
sometimes we hate to move on, save face to be strong
chasing demons too long turns to chasing ya tail
if I learn a new trick I hope it's how not to fail
nothing wrong with switching gears to kick off a new trail


I just want to lucid dream holorime's
memorized by using my subconscious in real time
I feel fine even if these clouds don't break
really inclined to please too proud to take
fed up with going back like dead ends and cul de sacs
getting mileage out of sins I pretend I lack
still got beef with chevron that's an inside joke
ease my mind with panoramic views of the coast
cruising down rodeo wide-eyed like I'm a day old
can't afford a thing but I made the trip though
the recourse I bring of a dollar and a dream
is being enough of a fool to never run out of steam
chasing the cool of landmarks and Californication
make sure my headstone imparts ya man had patience
big enough to own up to loving people I hate
now there's equal to the peace I find in these waves


from Try, released May 16, 2017
Produced by Unusual Beats



all rights reserved


Da BEATNIK Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Just listen. . .

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