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For your holiday.


A fly cut like a shuriken
throw ya hands high if you feeling like it's pure again
chunk the deuce up my peace sign maneuvering
through all the manure when they think I'm not sure to win
foolish grins foolish men holla bout what they do again
ruined it boy didn't know what to do it with it when
should have took it to school with it put something new in it
keep it loose with it learn a new groove with it
who we kidding in the sky it was written from all sides
sick of going through phases and wading through rip tides
if it provides the escape I need I'll let it be
the sabotage was all just a mirage that's not me
there's a star behind all that smog ya can't see
you need more than dialogue if they won't believe
you hoping every boulevard leads straight to the beach
too scared to even wet your feet

live it up, give it up, speak up when you had enough
bad days, good days, just don't throw ya love away
let go, never go, hoping that we really know
love to hate, hate to love, feels good just to hear

confidence in the modern sense
we want Lexus and Prada fuck providence
with nothing to show for it except the experience
always go for it, if you spare no expense
resurrect my common sense and get my head on straight
take control of these events I can't bet on fate
they say the soul of your intent will never bare no weight
if what you depending on to win ain't based in your own faith
I see the wraith of your love like heat waves on the road
through each mile chasing what I already hold
your complete smile was an ideal goal
if you leave now, it won't heal you'll never know
sit still forever cold, won't kill you're never bold
revealing we'll never grow, a good feeling was never sold
I'm willing to let it go, it was glitter and never gold
I finish every episode and then you put on a show


134 to 40
the sun rises in the east and I'll be there shortly
feel like the road is my home but you could be out there stranded too
miss the days when I'd wonder if I could handle you
asking you questions like is smoke intangible
advantage of your view was vanishing too soon
we love a few, we fuck a few, and we damage em too
then what we manage to do, when the landing is smooth
is head to another crash like we're paid to lose
love is a losing game you'll never pay yo dues
back to betting on black just to say you chose
barely got your chips stacked but you ready to move
showing your gratitude with unsolicited nudes
then back on a pedestal when you switching ya mood
insisting we're through, and resisting it too
reminiscing over you with a clear rear view



from Try, released May 16, 2017
Produced by Unusual Beats



all rights reserved


Da BEATNIK Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Just listen. . .

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